The world’s first digital decentralized cannabis investment and ecommerce platform.
BudBlockz is an innovative ecosystem uniting the cannabis industry whilst licensing the opportunity for enthusiasts to purchase, sell and invest in products and dispensaries globally. Our ecosystem is built on decentralized technology to secure our marketplace, protect personal data and provide a transparent market built on trust. Utilizing NFT technology to verify eligible community members and grant licensing to users participating safely within our ecosystem. Creating a blockchain-friendly community of like-minded individuals to aid the development of fair opportunities within the global cannabis markets.
BudBlockz is a platform for our community to easily navigate cannabis markets and gain an understanding of legislations in jurisdictions, information on products, and access opportunities for fractional ownership. Our community will be involved with the future developments of BudBlockz.
BudBlockz implements solutions for marijuana corporations and entrepreneurs facing complications with seed-to-sale tracking, logistics, fundraising, and data management. Working with alternative cannabis dispensaries to expand our ecosystem and provide a wider variety of products for our users.
Last modified 1yr ago