Luke is the founder of BudBlockz ($BLUNT) and one of the core developers of the project. Luke has built strong connections within the current tech space and web.3 evolution. Luke has gained knowledge from working at multiple successful start-up companies, one of which sold for $1.7bn Within a 3-year window from inception. Growing up in Southern California, Luke has first-hand knowledge from his friends & peers of the continuous problems faced in the cannabis industry and intends to bridge the gap between the tech and cannabis world. Luke's father is a director of a Global pharmaceuticals company and dislikes the cannabis industry, yet has no idea his son intends to lead the helm.

Benjamin Schneider - CTO

Benjamin has extensive experience within the crypto sphere. Successfully mining Bitcoin in 2014, whilst studying and developing his skills in multiple coding languages including Golang and python. Having also developed payment processing applications, Benjamin has single-handedly built the end-to-end flow for BudBlockz users. We are so proud and honored to have him on our team.

Sarah Copperfield - Marketing Guru

Meet Sarah guys, our very own marketing wizard. Sarah built her marketing career in the dark ages of billboards and adverts in newspapers. However, in the past 8 years, Sarah has mastered the art of digital, social media and e-commerce marketing, of which 3 of those years were within the cryptocurrency market. Sarah has an obsessive nature, which helps drive KPIs and analyze data-focused tasks.

Keith Galloway - Cloud technology

Project manager/Head of operation As an experienced project manager, Keith is our glue. Having implemented several crypto-focused cloud systems in the past, whilst managing stakeholders, coming under budget and within the deadline. Keith has 10+ years in the industry, having deployed over 45 projects successfully. Keith spent 3 years serving in the military, which has caused him to be very regimented and focused in his approach to projects.

Tommy Lang - Advisor Tommy is an active crypto, stocks & cannabis farm and dispensary investor. And made the majority of his wealth after the 80’s Black Monday crash. “BudBlockz for me is an easy choice, it bridges the gap of the two industries I believe will have the biggest market caps in the next 10 years – Crypto & Cannabis”

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