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Road Map

Join us on our journey, the road map depicts stages in which we've decided to complete tasks.

Phase 1

● BudBlockz Website Launch
● Create Social Channels and Build Community
● Create BLUNT Smart Contract
● BLUNT Smart Contract Audit
● BudBlockz Legal Representation Onboarding
● Release BudBlockz Whitepaper
● Animated Explanation Video
● Global Marketing Campaign
● Official Uniswap Launch

Phase 2

● How High? BLUNT Token Burn Event
● Launch $BLUNT Staking
● CMC and CG Listing
● Social Media Influencer Campaign
● Cannabis Retail Licensing
● Centralized Exchange Listing
● Release Ganja Guruz NFTs

Phase 3

● BudBlockz Fractional Ownership Explained
● Cannabis Storefront Licensing
● Online Community Blog Publishing
● BudBlockz (BLUNT) Community DAO
● Onboard Cannabis Corporation Partnerships (Cafes, Dispensaries and Farms)
● Launch BudBlockz Mobile/Web Wallet
● Global Marketing Campaign and NFT Influencer Onboarding

Phase 4

● Launch Decentralized NFT Marketplace
● Release NFT Fractional Ownership Opportunities
● Launch BudBlockz Consumer Cafes and Dispensaries
● BudBlockz Cannabis Farm Developments
● Launch BudBlockz’Go Local Delivery
● Package Tracking Integration

Phase 5

● Seed-to-Sell Tracking Integration
● Launch BudBlockz Online Ecommerce Store
● Launch global cannabis markets
● Develop BudBlockz Cannabis Strain