BLUNT token is a virtual medium of exchange used to facilitate liquidity within the BudBlockz ecosystem, providing a transparent solution for receiving crypto payments and tracking stock. BLUNT is also required for our NFT marketplace, helping users access fractional ownership opportunities and providing entry into the Ethereum ecosystem where users can utilize DEX and other DeFi products. Rewards within our ecosystem will be distributed in BLUNT, our community can redeem rewards from staking, NFT artwork participation, petition signing, and future P2E gaming. Holders can redeem BLUNT rewards and utilize our token in store to access bundle deals

BLUNT token will be listed on CEX and DEX exchanges to increase accessibility to our markets and ecosystem, users can store BLUNT token on ERC-20 compatible wallets which will allow custom tokens. In the future BLUNT will be available on our wallet application where users can purchase BLUNT with a credit or debit card. Users purchasing instore using BLUNT will have access to discount deals and percentages on BudBlockz products, as well as partnered dispensaries. Our future partners will integrate our crypto services to allow BLUNT payments in store.

Token Details

Project Name - BudBlockz

Ticker - $BLUNT (ERC-20)

Total Supply -

315,000,000 BLUNT tokens will ever be minted (Max Supply).

How High? (Token burn)

The BudBlockz team has allocated 2% of assets to the How High burn wallet, BLUNT unsold during the token generation event will be deposited to this address and burnt.

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